THE WILD WILD WEST (the war of «our best interests»)

There’s a war face ready to enact itself, grinning silently as the volubly noise is proclaimed all over the news – suddenly, the West has awoken. Syria is the new target and the immediate resolution is no less than a logical, empirical, consummated fact: hell should rain upon Syrian territory in order to stop Bashar al-Assad reign of terror. Where – in a short trip down memory lane – does this undoubtful and self-assured scenario strikes us as a boring and insidious argument for bullshitting the West into war? Oh yes, now I remember: does Iraq ring you any bells?

It does to me, and quite frankly, it should do too on the conscience of the international diplomacy: a war invasion based on a trifling and deceitful lie, where no proof was presented nor any unsuspicious report was thoroughly analyzed – they just pointed fingers, yelled «charge!» and took care of business. Is really anything else to it than that? I’m afraid not, and the quicker we realize it, the sooner we’ll get the big picture: political warfare and geostrategic dominance are two intrical parts of a war economy which thrives under the false pretext of international solidarity. The United States takes care of business like no one – Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Iraq: there’s always an excuse, a kind, gentle and peaceful one, in a Tarzan kind of way: «We good guys, they terrorists». Get that?


The US has said it will act in its “best interests” in dealing with the Syria crisis

Why shouldn’t you, it’s so simple after all; and the international media are there to guide you through that process of acceptance by repeating – insanely – the rhetorical and manicheistic speech of the eager-to-be warlords. Obama is fast approaching a war no future can predict: Syria is a highly complex country, divided on its internal political factions and tied to some pretty volatile loose ends – Iran, if you get the antithesis. On the other hand, guess who’s playing a major role on benefit of the rebel forces at the Syrian theater of war? Al-Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda associate made up of Sunni Islamists Jihadists. Appalled to even picture the USA fighting alongside Al Qaeda’s terrorists? Well, I guess it goes to show that war is just business as usual: sometimes you just have to do what you have to do – mainly because Iran (through Lebanese Hezbollah assistance) is successfully helping Assad to repel rebel forces, which are, secretly, backed up by the same West (France, USA, Britain) who now, two years after the civil war broke out in Syria, is sick worried about the tragic deaths of August 21.

After thousands of deaths due permanent conflict, the dogmatic, self-righteous and unpolluted West (who admitted lying to go on war back in 2003) has awoken. There’s a window of opportunity, a gap ready to be filled by the moral justice of those who make war to accomplish peace – almost sounds poetic. In the midst of those terrible and atrocious images showing hundreds of civilian and children gassed by chemical weapons, to stand still and to ignore the fact is not an option: action must be taken. But one must do so with a large political consensus that respects the United Nations most basic principles: international security, civil rights and liberties and, in case of a preemptive attack, the assurance of the persecution of an unbiased and careful procedure, regarding the best interests of the population and the population ONLY.


Agent Orange, White Phosphorus and depleted Uranium, all cortesy of good old USA

But, unfortunately, we all know what the Syrian people will be up against – a trigger happy war machine that thrives through military conflict, geopolitical influence and sometimes – many times – pure economical purposes. As of today, nobody knows who is responsible for using the Sarin gas on Syrian civilians – Assad military or rebel forces – but everybody knows that back in 1988 the USA helped Saddam (the same Saddam that fifteen years later would be considered a monster by the US government) gas thousands of Iranian troops – reports from retired Air Force Col. Rick Francona, military attaché in Baghdad at that time prove so. Maybe that chemical warfare was a good one – you know, the kind of chemical warfare the good guys do when the bad guys are asking for it. The sad lyrical irony turns out to be a simple truth, hiding in plain sight: the good guys love to play dirty. They like to get wild and act accordingly to their «best interests». Fucking everybody else along the way.


Bruno Cardoso desenhoBruno Falcão Cardoso


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